What is the cleaning principle of the pressure washer

February 18, 2020

What is the cleaning principle of the pressure washer?



What is the cleaning principle of the high-pressure washer is actually very simple. That is, a high-pressure pump or a booster increases the pressure of the water, and then the water is drawn through the high-pressure pipeline to the nozzle, and the high-pressure nozzle converts the high-pressure low-velocity water. Then, into a high-pressure, high-velocity jet, this powerful impact and water flow can strip and remove dirt, thereby achieving cleaning.


In practical applications, the safety of an ultra-high pressure washer is essential, especially the high-power ultra-high pressure washer, especially the pump cylinder. Because the ultra-high pressure washer is an ultra-high pressure vessel, the stress distribution is relatively uniform after the work is under pressure. As a result, all stresses remain within the elastic range, the elastic load capacity is increased, and the fatigue life of the cylinder is increased. Therefore, the design principle of the ultra-high pressure washer is the selection of materials and processes to give the best self-reinforcing pressure and the best self-reinforcing degree.

How to improve the cleaning efficiency of high-pressure cleaners: When I choose a high-pressure outlet pipe, I have to determine it according to the technical parameters of the high-pressure cleaner. According to its parameter requirements, choose a high-pressure outlet pipe with a matching pressure. The operating method of the water pipe is under actual pressure. Otherwise, it will affect the normal life of the high-pressure outlet pipe. In addition, a high-pressure outlet pipe that can withstand higher pressure can be appropriately selected so that that life will be longer.

What are the methods for inspecting the cleaning effect of high-pressure cleaners? 1. Random sampling method. If there are many items to be cleaned, we cannot test them one by one. Instead, we can randomly sample and then test. This method requires a certain number of samples to achieve close to the actual effect. 2. Find the most polluted part of the measurement. If the most polluted part has reached the required cleanliness, then the cleaning effect of other less polluted parts can generally meet the cleanliness requirements. 3. Select the most influential dirt for measurement. It is suitable for degreasing and cleaning the detection of mechanical parts. The focus is on oily dirt without specific inspection of other dirt. At the same time, it can also check the cleanliness of the cleaning object.


To ensure the safety of a high-power ultra-high pressure washer, when operating the equipment, carefully read the manufacturer's operating instructions of the ultra-high pressure washer. Each model of an ultra-high pressure washer is different. According to your model's instructions of an ultra-high pressure washer, it will help to operate safely and effectively.



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