What brand is selected for the pipeline booster pump?

February 12, 2020

What brand is selected for the pipeline booster pump?


Choose the pipeline booster pump need to pay attention to many problems. A pipe booster pump is a special term for lifting a pipe. It does not mean to refer to the type or form of the pump, generally known as the pipe booster pump, since it is the pump's nickname. Its type selection is the same as the pump selection. No more than must pay attention to the parameters are flow, head, material, medium-specific gravity. Generally speaking, the pump flow head refers to its rated flow and rated head, the so-called rated flow and rated head refers to the pump inlet and outlet are fully open and working in the case of power-frequency (50 Hz), the pump's pumping capacity and the height to pump water. The rated head corresponding to the pump's rated flow is called the excellent working point of the pump. This working point is the pump's very high-efficiency working point. Therefore, when selecting the pump as far as possible, select a good working point parameter of the pump so that the pump can play a good potential and improve the pump substitution.



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