What are the classifications of electric motors?

June 20, 2019
Latest company news about What are the classifications of electric motors?

An electric motor, also called a motor, is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy through electromagnetic action. Because there are several forms of electricity, the mechanical structure is different, the form of the magnetic field is different, and the use of the motor itself may vary. So there are many types of motors, and according to different standards, there will be different names and categories.

First, by the form of electrical energy.

1. There are two electric and direct current forms so that the motor can be divided into two major categories: AC motor and DC motor.

2, AC has single-phase and three-phase two, there are single-phase AC motor and three-phase AC motor

3, the voltage has a high and low voltage level, so there are also high voltage motors and voltage motors.

Second, according to the principle of classification

1, according to the difference in slip, can be divided into synchronous and asynchronous motors

2. Synchronous motors are different according to the magnetic field, and there are permanent magnet synchronous motors, hysteresis synchronous motors, and reluctance synchronous motors.

3. Asynchronous motor, in the form of induction, also in the form of AC commutator. Inductive forms include three-phase asynchronous motors and shrouded asynchronous motors. The AC commutator motor is also divided into a repeller motor and a series motor.

Third, according to the structure to classify

1. The rotor structure is different. There are wound rotor motor and squirrel cage rotor motor, as well as permanent magnet rotor motor.

2. According to the position of the rotor and stator, it can be divided into inner rotor motor and outer rotor motor.

3, according to whether there is a carbon brush, it can be divided into brush motor and brushless motor

4, brush motor has permanent magnet brush and electromagnetic DC motor

5. According to the excitation form, DC motors can be divided into other types: excitation, series excitation, and shunt and compound excitation.

6, according to different magnetic materials, there are ferrite motors, rare earth permanent magnets, and AlNiCo permanent magnet motors

Fourth, according to the speed of different classification

1, the speed has high and low, so there are high-speed motor, low-speed motor, constant speed motor, speed control motor,

2, according to the number of poles, there are 2 poles, 4 poles, 8 poles, 16 poles, 32 poles, and other motors

3, low-speed motor, torque motor, geared motor, direct-drive motor, claw pole synchronous motor

Fifth, according to the purpose and use

1, according to the point of action, can be divided into power motor and control motor

2, according to different operating modes, can be divided into direct start motor, soft start motor, speed control motor

3, control motor, servo motor, and stepper motor

6. Industry and process classification

1, power tools

2, fan pump

3, home appliances

4, the car

5. Industry

Seven, other

1, according to the type of protection, there are closed, open, waterproof, submersible, watertight, explosion-proof.

2, different cooling methods, self-winding, forced air cooling, water cooling, oil cooling

3, the insulation level is not the same. There are AEBFHC and other levels

4, according to different installation methods, there are vertical and horizontal points

5, according to different working hours, there are continuous work, short-term work, and intermittent work.


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