Water pump bearing seal

September 24, 2019

Water pump bearing seal

Pump bearing seals are designed for pump applications.


Pumps, especially belt-driven centrifugal pumps, are at the heart of automotive cooling systems. When the engine is running, the pump drives coolant circulating throughout the system. If the drive belt is not working, the pump will not work. This is also important to always check the condition of the belt during maintenance.

The pump uses centrifugal force to pump the coolant outward while rotating while continuously withdrawing from the center point. The pump's inlet is near the center so that the coolant returning from the radiator taps the pump vanes, which then delivers coolant from outside the pump to the engine. The coolant left in the pump first flows through the engine cylinder and cylinder head and then returns to the pump through the radiator.



Various sealing lip designs: double lip; R-safe lip or axial spring-loaded sealing lip
Specially formulated elastomers and binders
R-safe and spring-loaded axial anti-scaling lip



Excellent grease retention throughout the life of the bearing
Strong bonding ability and anti-glycol performance
Excellent pollution protection


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