Using Swimming Pool Pumps Precautions

January 25, 2021

Using Swimming Pool Pumps Precautions
1. When the swimming pool pump is used, if there is no way to estimate the voltage or current to be measured, the range should be adjusted to the highest for measurement. Then you should slowly reduce the range according to the situation until it reaches the appropriate position. After the test is completed, you need to adjust the range switch to the highest voltage range and remember to turn off the power.

2. When measuring voltage, you need to connect a digital multimeter in parallel with the circuit under test. When measuring current, it should be connected in series with the circuit under test. When measuring direct current, you do not need to consider the positive and negative poles.
3. When the display shows "000" or the number above the low position keeps beating, the reason may be that the AC voltage was used to measure the DC voltage by mistake, or the situation occurred when the DC voltage was used to measure the AC voltage.

4. When the voltage exceeds 220V or the current exceeds 0.5A, remember that it must be forbidden to change the range, mainly to prevent arcing and burn the switch contacts.
5. When the number on the device displays "BATT" or "LOW BAT," it means that the battery voltage of the swimming pool pump is lower than the working voltage and cannot operate normally.


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