Turbo pump

June 3, 2019

The turbopump is a power pump, and the turbopump is the heart of the rocket engine. It consists of two parts, the turbine part and the pump part. Both are generally direct-coupled and driven by a turbine. The turbine driver is generally a gas produced by combustion (a solid fuel or a liquid fuel), a gas hydrogen (liquid hydrogen liquid oxygen expansion cycle engine), and a liquid phase drive.
A turbopump is a linkage driven by a turbine to pressurize the liquid propulsion unit, the oxidant, and the fuel. The high temperature and high-pressure gas from the gas generator are used as a working medium to drive the turbine to rotate to drive the rotation of the pump. The tank's oxidant and fuel are pressurized by the pump and supplied to the thrust chamber.
The turbopump is a high-speed rotating component in a liquid rocket engine. At the same time, it enters the turbine's high-temperature and high-pressure gas and the pump-pressurized low-temperature propellant. With the increase of pressure, the reliability of the turbopump plays an important role in the reliability of the whole engine. About half of the engine failures occur in turbopumps. Therefore, the requirements for the turbopump should be met: under all engine operating conditions, the reliability requirements of the engine distribution should be met. At the same time, to ensure that the liquid rocket engine has a small size and quality, the turbopump unit should have a small size and quality.


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