The working principle of the motor

August 15, 2019
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The working principle of the motor: the energized wire is subjected to a force in the magnetic field.


With the increasing competition in the motor manufacturing industry, M&A integration and capital operation among large-scale motor manufacturing companies are becoming more and more frequent. Excellent domestic and foreign motor manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the research of the industry market, especially the trend of the enterprise development environment and customer demand. In-depth study of change. Because of this, a large number of excellent motor brands at home and abroad have risen rapidly and have gradually become the leader in the motor manufacturing industry.


The motor itself is a labor-intensive product. It is difficult to produce benefits when it does not reach a certain scale of production. Therefore, the industry's profit is very meager. The number of employees in the national motor industry is about 300,000. In 2003, the industry realized a profit of only 280 million yuan. It is understood that even in some companies with better benefits, last year's net profit reached less than 5%.


At the same time, due to the production process of most small enterprises, there is still a large number of unqualified products in the motor industry. According to the survey, the average loss of waste products, defective products, and repaired products of China's motor enterprises is about 10%, while the level of unqualified motor enterprises in foreign industrialized countries is generally 0.3%.



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