The safety of ultra-high pressure industrial cleaning machines is very important

December 21, 2019

The safety of ultra-high pressure industrial cleaning machines is .essential

In practical applications, the safety of ultra-high pressure industrial cleaning machines with the hollow shaft motor is essential, especially for high-power ultra-high pressure cleaning machines, especially pump cylinders. Because the ultra-high pressure washer is an ultra-high pressure vessel, the stress distribution is relatively uniform after the work is under pressure. As a result, all stresses remain within the elastic range, the elastic load capacity is increased, and the fatigue life of the cylinder is increased. Therefore, the design principle of the ultra-high pressure washer is the selection of materials and processes to give the best self-reinforcing pressure and the best self-reinforcing degree.
It is classified according to the water temperature of the high-pressure washer and is divided into two categories: cold water washer and hot water washer. The difference between the two is the temperature of the water. A heating device is added to the hot water washing machine, and a combustion cylinder generally heats the water. Hot water cleaning can quickly wash away dirt and oil stains that are not easy to wash during the cold water cleaning process, which greatly improves the cleaning efficiency.
Due to the huge impact capacity of the ultra-high pressure washer, the water flow can be instantly released on the dirt being cleaned, and the surface of the dirt can form forces such as peel-off peeling, shear composite failure, and jet impact to make the pressure difference between the dirt and the substrate. Thus, to achieve the purpose of removing dirt on the surface of the device.
What should I do if the high-pressure cleaner is leaking during use? If the high-pressure cleaner is leaking during use, immediately unplug the power supply and stop working, and find the cause as soon as possible; check the power supply and wires, whether the power supply is burned out, or the wires are broken In the event of a failure, if a new power supply and wires are immediately updated, the reason for the leakage may be the influence of the circuit board. It is sufficient to check and repair the circuit board.


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