The pressure of the high-pressure cleaner is almost zero

October 25, 2019
Latest company news about The pressure of the high-pressure cleaner is almost zero

The pressure of the high-pressure cleaner is almost zero.

Why is there no pollution when using a high-pressure cleaner? The main medium of a high-pressure cleaner is only water. Its working principle is that when the impact of the sprayed water is greater than the adhesion of the dirt and the object's surface, the dirt is separated from the surface of the object by the water flow. Take away, to achieve the purpose of cleaning, the entire process without chemical additives, only water, so the high-pressure cleaner is almost zero pollution to the environment.
Precautions for purchasing high-pressure outlet pipes: When I use high-pressure outlet pipes, I should determine according to the technical parameters of the high-pressure cleaners. According to the requirements of the parameters, select the high-pressure outlet pipes with matching pressures. The actual operation method of the water pipe is to withstand pressure. Otherwise, it will affect the normal life of the high-pressure outlet pipe. In addition, a high-pressure outlet pipe that is subjected to a higher pressure can be appropriately selected so that the life is longer.
The case of using a high-pressure cleaner in the cement production process! During the cement production process, there will be many places where high-pressure plunger pump arches, blockages, and skinning will occur. This will cause trouble in production and need to be cleaned up in time, but the traditional way to clean them is to stop the operation of the downstream equipment. Then the cleaners can get rid of the waste inside the equipment, and it is tough to clean up, so the work efficiency is very Low, affecting production. The use of high-pressure cleaning equipment to clean the machine can effectively solve this problem, in fact, the high-pressure water flow of the high-pressure cleaning machine is injected into the kiln tail of the fired cement, the crust of the kiln wall, and the powerful pressure water can be used for the kiln. The scaling of the inner and outer walls is washed, broken, delaminated, diced, washed away, etc., to achieve the purpose of cleaning. In addition, the temperature in the general kiln is about 1200 degrees, and the water flow from high-pressure and high speed is at the same time as the impact accumulation. At the high temperature, the expansion is soft and instantaneously evaporated, and the high pressure of the high-pressure plunger pump is combined to complete the pressure. Therefore, cleaning of scales, build-ups, and dust can shorten cleaning time and improve cleaning efficiency. Therefore, high-pressure cleaners in the cement production process are incomparable in other ways, and it is a wise choice!


Why is the pipe cleaning machine used for a long time? The cleaning effect is not good. Any mechanical equipment will have certain problems for a long time. The pipe cleaning machine is no exception. The most common problem is the pressure drop. The cleaning effect is not good. If such a situation occurs, you can check first. The high-pressure water outlet nozzle is seriously worn. If there is serious wear, it is necessary to replace the new nozzle in time. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the inlet pipe is blocked or bent, or folded. Generally, the water will not flow smoothly, which will affect the water output and cause the cleaning to be unclean. The filter of the water inlet is also a wearing part. Check if the damage is to be replaced in time. If the problem has not been solved, check the pressure regulating valve, relief valve,, and internal seals. If you have any problems, please get in touch with the Claisen pressure washer manufacturer in time to get a better after-sales service!


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