The booster pump product classification

April 8, 2019
The booster pump product classification

Biogas type

The pneumatic booster pump is divided into a gas-liquid booster pump and a gas booster pump. The principle of the booster pump is to use the low pressure of a large area piston to generate a high hydraulic pressure of a small area piston. The industrial field is used for the clamping of the machine chuck, the accumulator is inflated, the high-pressure bottle is inflated, and the compressed gas is converted into a high-pressure gas. Any pressure source is not high enough. Whether it is a mechanical or test device, you can use a booster pump.
It is driven by gas, without arc and spark, and is completely used in flammable or explosive liquid or gas places. Regardless of the cause of the pressure drop in the holding circuit, the booster pump will automatically start to replenish the leak pressure and keep the circuit pressure constant. Compressed air, nitrogen, water vapor, natural gas, etc., can be used as a driving source for the pump.

Gas-liquid type

Until the pressure balance is reached again, the single air-controlled unbalanced gas distribution valve is automatically stopped to realize the automatic reciprocating motion of the pump. The gas drives part of the pump body is made of aluminum alloy. The wetted parts are made of carbon steel or stainless steel, depending on the medium. The complete set of seals of the pump are imported high-quality products, thus ensuring the performance of the gas-liquid booster pump.

Air type

The principle of the air booster pump is to use the low pressure of a large area piston to generate a high hydraulic pressure of a small area piston. The air booster pump is used in the working environment where the original air pressure system increases the pressure and can increase the air pressure of the working system to 2-5 times and only needs the compressed air in the working system as the air source. Thus, the pump is suitable for a single gas source boosting. In addition, no power is required (can be used in areas where explosion protection is required). Within the pressure range of the pump, the regulating valve is adjusted to adjust the intake pressure, and the output hydraulic pressure is correspondingly adjusted infinitely.

Chlorine type

The working pressure range of the chlorine booster pump is large. Different types of pumps can obtain different pressure zones, and the pumps can adjust the input air pressure output pressure accordingly. They can achieve extremely high pressure with a gas of 90Mpa. The flow range is wide, and the pump can work smoothly with the only 0.1Kg of air pressure for all types of pumps. The minimum flow rate is obtained, and the flow rate can adjust to obtain different flow rates. Easy to control, from simple manual control to complete automatic control. Automatic restart, for any reason, the pressure of the pressure-holding circuit drops. It will automatically restart, supplement the leakage pressure, and keep the circuit pressure constant. Safe operation, gas driven, no arc and spark, can be used in hazardous situations.​
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