Single Phase Induction Motor Construction

February 24, 2020

Single Phase Induction Motor Construction

The main parts of a single-phase induction motor are the Stator, Rotor, Windings. The stator is the fixed part of the motor to which A.C. is supplied. The stator contains two types of windings. One is the main winding, and the other is the Auxiliary winding. These windings are placed perpendicular to each other. A capacitor is attached to the Auxiliary winding in parallel.

As is used for working a single-phase induction motor, you should look out for certain losses such as Eddy current loss and Hysteresis loss. To remove the eddy current loss, the stator is provided with laminated stamping. To reduce the hysteresis losses, these stampings are usually built with silicon steel.

The rotor is the rotating part of the motor. Here the rotor is similar to the squirrel cage rotor. Besides being cylindrical, the rotor has slots all over its surface. To get smooth, quiet working of the motor, slots are skewed rather than parallel by preventing magnetic locking of the stator and rotor.

Rotor conductors are the aluminum or coppers bars, are placed in the slots of the rotor. End rings made up of either aluminum or copper electrically shorts the rotor conductors. In this single-phase induction, motor slip rings and commutators are not used, so construction becomes very simple and easy.


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