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January 14, 2021



There is a temperature control inside the circulating water device of the domestic hot water circulation pump. The circulating water device is installed under the water heater, and a loop is formed by connecting the water inlet of the water heater in series. When the temperature-controlled water is lower than your preset temperature, the circulating water pump will start. When the water heater senses that there is water, it will ignite and heat the water. When the temperature reaches the temperature, the pump will stop, and the water heater will stop. The water in the entire circuit is hot, so you can get the hot water out when you turn on the faucet.
The temperature control mode is set as an induction temperature. The circulation pump senses that the temperature on the return pipe wall is lower than the set problem and will start and notify the water heater to start. This is called temperature control mode. Suitable for boiler water heaters and villas because there is no regular time for hot water because of the resident population. The advantage of this mode is that it is hot anytime, anywhere. The disadvantage is more energy.
Through the above analysis of the working principle of the domestic hot water circulation pump, I hope that we can provide another idea for the domestic hot water circulation pump. As the domestic hot water circulation pump enters more and more families, the domestic hot water circulation pump. The research has a higher level of demand, and I hope that the efforts of larger workers can pour the healthy growth of domestic hot water circulation pumps in the future.


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