Machine vision inspection has gradually matured in China

August 22, 2019

Machine vision inspection has gradually matured in China.


The development and application of machine vision in China are relatively late, starting from introducing technology in the 1980s. Therefore, it will not be able to reach the growth stage until 2010. However, during the period, with the continuous deepening of concepts such as Industry 4.0 and China Manufacturing 2025, and the continuous breakthrough of R&D technology, China's machine vision is no longer a single application product but gradually extends to multiple fields, multiple industries, and multiple levels.
In recent years, the industrial robot market has experienced explosive growth. Industrial robots equipped with machine vision inspection are more intelligent in replacing or assisting human work. The intelligent manufacturing upgrade and transformation trend also make industrial robots and machine vision inspection more Tightly combined. At present, machine vision inspection has been developed in China for more than ten years. In the past ten years, the machine vision industry has developed rapidly in the Chinese market. After a certain period of popularization and promotion, machine vision inspection has gradually become familiar to customers, and the scope of application has gradually begun to expand. IN the beginning, the electronics and pharmaceutical industries gradually expanded into packaging, printing, automotive, transportation, and medical fields.

In intelligent manufacturing at home and abroad, machine vision has also become a new hot spot. Companies in the manufacturing industry, especially those that produce robot-related products, are actively applying them to their products and solutions. According to relevant data, in the next few years, if the industry is growing at an average annual rate of around 16%, it is estimated that by 2020, the market size of China's related industries will exceed 15 billion yuan, reaching 27.9 billion yuan by 2022. The rapid development of the machine vision inspection market has attracted more and more enterprises to join this wave of intelligent transformation. At present, there are nearly 200 international machine vision brands in China, and 208 machine vision enterprises in China, and machine vision products. More than 300 agents, more than 70 professional machine vision system integrators.



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