Low noise generator set does not maintain the hazard

May 28, 2019

A low noise generator set does not maintain the hazard.
The low-noise generator set needs to be maintained and maintained. The diesel generator set's normal operation has fewer failures and long service life, which has a great relationship with the correct maintenance and maintenance of the diesel generator set. There are many models of the generator set. Then, if the unit is not properly maintained and maintained, what happens to the unit?

1. Cooling system: If the cooling system is faulty, it will cause two results, 1) the cooling effect is not good, and the water temperature in the unit is too high to stop; 2) the water tank leaks and the water level in the water tank is lowered, the unit will not be able to Normal operation.

2. Fuel/gas distribution system: The increase in coke deposits will cause a certain amount of fuel injection to the injectors, resulting in insufficient injector incineration, uneven fuel injection in each engine cylinder, and no operational conditions. Stable.

3. Battery: If the battery is not maintained for a long time, the electrolyte will not be compensated in time after evaporation. If the battery charger is not equipped, the battery will be discharged after long-term natural discharge.

4. Engine oil: There is a certain period of persistence, which means that the physicochemical function of the oil will change if it is not used for a long time. The cleanliness will deteriorate when the unit is formed, which will cause damage to the unit parts.

5. Fuel tank: The water entering the air of the diesel generator set will condense under the change of temperature. The water drops will be attached to the inner wall of the fuel tank. When the water drops into the diesel oil, the water content of the diesel will exceed the standard. When such diesel enters the engine high-pressure oil pump, it will rust the precision coupling, and if it is serious, it will damage the unit.

6. Three-filter: During the working process of the diesel generator set, oil or impurities will deposit on the wall of the filter, and the filter function will decrease due to excessive filtration. If the deposit is too much, the oil circuit will not be unblocked. Therefore, when the equipment is working, you cannot use it normally because the oil cannot be supplied.

7. Lubrication system, seal: due to the chemical properties of lubricating oil or oil ester and iron filings after mechanical wear, these reduce its lubrication effect and damage other parts together with the rubber seal ring. In addition, there is a certain corrosive effect, and other oil seals are also aging at any time to reduce the sealing effect.

8. Line connection: If the diesel generator set is used for too long, the line connector may be loose and need regular inspection.


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