Impact of high-pressure cleaner nozzles on work efficiency

January 16, 2020

Impact of high-pressure cleaner nozzles on work efficiency

The influence of the nozzle of the high-pressure cleaner with the hollow shaft motor on the working efficiency. If the nozzle design is not reasonable, a considerable amount of water will overflow in the spray system and return to the water tank, which will cause a great waste of energy. If it is assumed that there is no overflow loss, then at the nozzle outlet, the energy loss is caused by the natural contraction of the water jet passing through the nozzle outlet so that the high-pressure pump flow cannot completely flow out of the nozzle, we call it the water jet contraction loss. The main power machinery of the high-pressure washer is a high-pressure pump, and the main characteristic parameters of the high-pressure pump are the pressure and flow of high-pressure water. The nozzle is a working mechanism that converts the pressure energy of the high-pressure pump's liquid flow into mechanical energy or high-speed kinetic energy that fights hard scaling and pipe blockages. For a well-designed high-pressure cleaning machine, you should completely spray the high-pressure water sent by the high-pressure pump from the nozzle to form a high-pressure water jet to clean or crush the cleaning target.

Common faults and solutions of high-pressure cleaners! 1. The indicator light does not turn on after the machine is turned on. This may be caused by a broken power cord or a blown fuse caused by no power supply. Check and replace it. 2. The indicator light is on, but there is no high voltage output. Many factors cause this failure. They are: the fuse DCFU is blown; the transducer is faulty; the connection plug of the transducer and the high voltage power board is loose; malfunction. 3. Although the machine has a high voltage output, the cleaning effect is not very good. The cause of this phenomenon is likely to be caused by the temperature of the liquid in the cleaning tank being too high, the cleaning liquid selection being inappropriate, the high-pressure frequency coordination not being adjusted, and the cleaning liquid level in the cleaning tank being inappropriate.

Classification of high-pressure cleaners according to the temperature of the effluent water? It can be divided into cold-water high-pressure cleaners, and hot-water high-pressure cleaners. Cold-water high-pressure cleaners are the incoming water at normal temperature, and the discharge or normal temperature only treats the water pressure. There is no temperature. Treatment, hot water high-pressure cleaning machine will heat the water jet to reach the specified temperature so that the high heat and high-pressure water flow can improve the cleaning ability. Hot water is divided into high-pressure hot water and high-pressure steam.

At present, the high-pressure cleaners on the market can be divided into cold-water high-pressure cleaners, hot-water high-pressure cleaners, motor-driven high-pressure cleaners, and gasoline engine-driven high-pressure cleaners. It generally depends on the pressure of the washing machine to choose from Suitable for petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, power supply, railway, airport, food, papermaking, electronics, printing and dyeing, mining, automotive, construction,  and many other industries, mainly used for washing various motor vehicles, building exterior walls, equipment, baths, swimming pools Floor.



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