How to use and maintain the swimming pool pump? ? ?

July 22, 2019

The swimming pool pump belongs to the circulating water equipment, the swimming pool circulation pump. It is one of the most important pieces of equipment for swimming pool engineering. It is an important guarantee for the circulating water supply of swimming pools. Therefore, the correct use and maintenance of swimming pool pumps in daily work are vital.
The swimming pool pumps are equipped with a filter sand tank so that you can clean the swimming pool daily while the water is circulating. So, what is the use of it?
First of all, the pump needs to be checked before starting the machine: adjust the filter sand cylinder to the filter state; check the valve; check if the hair collector is blocked, if there is air, if it is, cleans it in time; check the tank cover for leaks (can not leak) Gas, to be tightened); inspection of the canister. Check for air in the main return line and, if so, remove it through the drain valve.
Secondly, it is the boot operation: firstly, turn on a pump motor. After the pump motor is running normally, turn on the pump that needs to be used. The backup pump is, of course, spared and did not need to be turned on.
Finally: after the boot is not completed, we also need to observe whether the swimming pool pump is running normally, such as recording the pressure gauge index on the filter, checking whether it is necessary to carry out backwashing; checking the operation of the pump, whether it is running smoothly, no noise; check each dosing system Whether it is running normally; check whether the water injection ports are normal by visual inspection. In short, check that all of its components are normal. If you find a problem, you need to find out its cause and solve it.



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