How to use and maintain the swimming pool pump?

June 27, 2019
Latest company news about How to use and maintain the swimming pool pump?

How to use and maintain the swimming pool pump?
The swimming pool pump belongs to the circulating water equipment, the swimming pool circulation pump. It is one of the important pieces of equipment for the swimming pool project. It is an important guarantee for the circulating water supply of the swimming pool. Therefore, the normal use and maintenance of swimming pool pumps in daily work are essential.

The swimming pool pumps are equipped with a filter sand bath to clean the swimming pool daily while the water is circulating.

First, the pump needs to be checked before starting the pump: adjust the filter sand tank to the filter state; check the valve; check if the hair collector is blocked, if there is air, if it is, cleans it in time; check the tank cover for leaks (the can lid can not leak) To be tightened); check the canister. Check if there is air in the main return line and if it is, removes it through the drain valve.

The second is the boot operation: first, open a pump motor, the pump motor is running normally, and then turn on the pump that needs to be used. The spare pump is, of course, spared and does not need to be turned on. Finally: After the boot is not completed, we also need to observe whether the swimming pool pump is running normally, such as recording the pressure gauge index on the filter, checking whether the backwash is performed; checking the running condition of the pump, whether it is running smoothly, no noise; checking whether the dosing system is Normal operation; visually check whether each water inlet is out of the water by the swimming pool. In short, check that all of its components are normal. If you find a problem, you need to find out its cause and solve it.

Note: The swimming pool pump has many functions. Different functions, we need to pay attention to different aspects: for example, the filtering function we need to pay attention to whether there is a blockage, whether there is inflation, etc.; filter backwash function: first we have to look at the filter sand tank If the pressure gauge reading is higher than 2.5kg/cm2 or above, the filter sand tank should be backwashed immediately, then open according to the instructions. Observe the water mirror during use. When it is cleaned, please turn off the backwash pump; draining process. We must try to prevent the pump from being interrupted.

In fact, as long as we are very familiar with the instruction manual of the swimming pool pump and strictly follow the instructions on the instructions.

Finally, we talk about maintenance: the regular use of the swimming pool is the best maintenance for the swimming pool, and secondly: the swimming pool pump maintenance should do the following:

1. Always check and regularly clean the sand tank.

2. Regularly check the pump head cover seal. If it is damaged, please replace it in time.

3. Keep the motor clean and keep the motor seal open.

4. In case of an accident, the motor's shaft seal will be worn and should be replaced in time.

5. In the winter, you should remove the water in the pump, clean the inside and outside of the pump, and store the pump in a dry and well-ventilated room.


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