How to use a high-pressure pipe cleaner to clean the inner wall of the pipe

November 13, 2019
Latest company news about How to use a high-pressure pipe cleaner to clean the inner wall of the pipe

How to use a high-pressure pipe cleaner to clean the inner wall of the pipe


How to use the hollow shaft motor high-pressure pipe cleaning machine to clean the pipe's inner wall. It is equipped with a rotating high-pressure nozzle on the original equipment. There are several high-pressure nozzles on the nozzle, and it can be sprayed in different directions, and there is no dead angle in the circular pipe. The cleaning of all corners is mainly due to the unique effect of the rotating nozzle on dredging and cleaning the inner wall of the pipeline.


Which pipes can be cleaned by a high-pressure pipe dredging machine? 1. Various types of sewage pipes, industrial water pipes, units, schools, enterprises, and residential areas, sewage pipes, drain pipes, gas pipes, flue pipes, etc. 2, municipal pipeline: accumulation for a long time, excessive accumulation of muddy debris in the pipeline, will cause blockage, affecting the smooth flow of normal sewage. 3, hotels, hotels, sewers, these areas of the pipeline with a large number of oil blocks, debris, and easy to block, generally dredge cleaning is not clean. Still, the standard is not the case. Choose high-pressure pipe dredging machine water jet cleaning dredge once solve.


The higher the pressure regulating washer is, the higher the pressure is, the cleaner the cleaning is? When the high-pressure cleaner is used to increase the pressure by the high-pressure plunger pump, it has a compact structure, small volume, few pipes, and a beautiful appearance. Such characteristics do not increase the complexity of the structure of the high-pressure cleaner, and it is relatively easy to achieve high-volume automated production and assembly, but it requires a higher sealing material. If the supercharger in the high-pressure cleaner is used as an environmental booster, it is easy to reach an ultra-high pressure of 3000 bar; if the sealing method is slightly improved, the high-pressure cleaner can even reach a pressure of 5000 bar.


Is it effective to use a high-pressure cleaner for stubborn oil? Don't worry if the oil is particularly stubborn and the cleaning effect is not good with a normal high-pressure cleaner. We also have a hot water pressure washer made of special materials. Heat resistance is excellent. It can spray high-temperature hot water. There is a heating boiler inside. The boiler heats the water temperature to produce high-temperature and high-pressure water jets. The hot water has oil and melt, so it has special effects on cleaning various equipment and stubborn oil in the pipeline.



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