How to maintain the motor

June 6, 2019
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How to maintain the motor
To ensure the normal operation of the motor, in addition to normal operation according to the operating procedures, pay attention to normal monitoring and maintenance during the operation. You should carry out the regular inspection to do the maintenance work of the motor. This can eliminate some problems in time, prevent malfunctions, and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the motor. You can determine the time interval for regular maintenance depending on the environment in which the motor is used.
The contents of regular maintenance are as follows.
1. Clean the motor. Remove dust and sludge from the outside of the motor frame in time. If the use of the environment is dustier, it is best to clean it once a day.
2. Check and clean the motor terminals. Check the junction box wiring screws for looseness and burns.
3. Check the screws of each fixed part, including the anchor screws, end cap screws, bearing cap screws, etc. Tighten the loose nut.
4. Check the transmission device, check whether the pulley or the coupling is weak or damaged, whether the installation is firm, and whether the belt and its coupling buckle are intact.
5, the starting device of the motor, also timely wipe the external dust, you enough, wipe the contacts, check the wiring parts for burn marks, the grounding wire is good.
6, bearing inspection and maintenance. The bearings should be cleaned after a period of use and replaced with grease or oil. You should determine the cleaning and oil change time according to the working condition of the motor, the working environment, the degree of cleaning, and the type of lubricant. For every 3-6 months of operation, it should be cleaned once and replaced with grease. When the oil temperature is high, or the motor with poor environmental conditions and dust, it is necessary to clean and change the oil frequently.
7. Inspection of insulation conditions. The insulating ability of insulating materials varies with the degree of drying, so it is vital to check the drying of the motor windings. In addition, the motor's working environment is humid, and there are corrosive gases in the workroom, which will destroy the electrical insulation. The most common is the winding ground fault, the insulation damage so that the live part is in contact with the metal part that should not be charged, such as the casing. This kind of failure not only affects the normal operation of the motor but also endangers personal safety. Therefore, when the motor is in use, always check the insulation resistance, and pay attention to check whether the grounding of the motor casing is reliable.


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