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How to choose a booster pump?

China Fuan Zhongzhi Pump Co., Ltd. certification
China Fuan Zhongzhi Pump Co., Ltd. certification
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How to choose a booster pump?

How to choose a booster pump?



To measure the performance of the pump, the power is not important, but the efficiency of the unit. In the same head and flow rate, the power is small, and the efficiency is high. That is to say, the performance is good. This is because the pump has the highest head flow and rated head flow. Most pumps on the market are marked with the highest head flow. Some manufacturers' pumps are very outrageous. For example, the common 90w and 120w copper pump head booster pumps have standard power: 80w (maximum head 10m) and 120w (maximum head 13m).
To obtain good sales, some merchants changed to 100w (the highest lift 12-15 meters) and 150w (the highest lift 15-20 meters), and the traffic is also high. There is also a self-priming pump. The theoretical section is 10 meters. Due to the existence of pump NPSH (water vaporization caused by roughness in the manufacture of pump head), the effective suction of the self-priming pump is 8-8.5 meters. But to attract customers' attention, these parameters are beyond imagination. Therefore, before buying a water pump, you should know more about the actual parameters of the pump, such as the actual lift and actual flow, so as not to cause trouble. When the booster pump is working, the flow rate is maximum when the head is zero, and the flow rate is zero when the head is at the highest. According to the flow rate and head change of each working point, the working curve of the pump can be drawn, which is the performance characteristic curve of the pump. Pump selection needs to be determined according to the site, such as length of pipe diameter, number of elbows, the capacity of a water heater, type of water heater, water output of nozzle, etc. In particular, pressure-type electric water heaters must use a pump with a slightly larger amount of water due to their special equipment, and a small-flow pump is difficult to achieve. Pipeline pressurization is not a matter of installing a water pump. There are many reasons for low water pressure. Typical such as pipe aging, especially galvanized pipes, will gradually rust after many years of use, resulting in water flow reduction caused by pipe blockage; Too many elbows will also decrease water output. The water pressure caused by these reasons is low, and the effect is not obvious after the pump is installed.
The booster pump has a characteristic that the boosting effect is insignificant when the pipe flow cannot keep up with the pump's flow rate or exceeds the pump's flow rate. Therefore, before purchasing the pump, check the cause of the low water pressure, and do not blindly purchase the pump. To purchase, it is advisable to consult a plumber or find an experienced business vendor. The advantage of the business staff is that if the pump pressurization effect is not ideal, you can force the merchant to exchange or return.


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