How the magnetic pump works

May 17, 2019
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How the magnetic pump works

The magnetic pump consists of a pump, a magnetic actuator, and a motor. The key magnetic actuator consists of an outer magnetic rotor, an inner magnetic rotor, and a non-magnetic magnetic isolation sleeve. The magnetic field can penetrate the air gap and the non-magnetic material when the motor drives the outer magnetic rotor to rotate. The inner magnetic rotor connected with the impeller rotates synchronously to realize the non-contact transmission of the power. The dynamic seal is converted into a static seal. Since the pump shaft and the inner magnetic rotor are completely closed by the pump body and the isolation sleeve, the problem of “running, escaping, dripping and leaking” is completely solved, and the flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful medium of the refining and chemical industry is eliminated from the pump seal leakage. Thus, the safety hazard has effectively guaranteed the physical and mental health and safe production of employees.



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