How do the finished motor bearings be rust-proof?

May 11, 2019
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How do the finished motor bearings be rust-proof?

The finished bearing of the motor is sealed and packaged with anti-rust oil, which can avoid the influence of the atmospheric environment during storage and transportation, produce rust and mildew spots, and affect the performance.

(1) The finished bearing adopts two times of kerosene mechanical spray washing, mechanical spraying of anti-rust, dual-purpose lubricating oil, and polyethylene sealed packaging.

(2) Before kerosene spraying, rust-proof and lubricating oil should be filtered with a filter element that meets the process requirements to ensure the cleanliness of the finished bearing and the fuel tank and machine tool clean thoroughly cleaned once a month.

(3) When inspectors and assembly personnel contact the finished parts and bearings, you should apply liquid gloves to avoid rust caused by hand sweat.

(4) Handle and handle the finished bearing during handling and storage to avoid damage to the package.

(5) The storage room between the assembly and the finished bearing should be dry, clean, and pollution-free.



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