How CR Tests Pressure Washers

February 14, 2020

How CR Tests Pressure Washers

We measure how much pressure each model can produce, in pounds per square inch, giving a higher score to those with higher psi. Then we fire up each pressure washer and use it to strip paint from painted plastic panels, timing how long it takes. Again, models with a higher pressure output tend to perform better on this test.

We also measure noise, and you should know that almost all pressure washers are loud enough to require hearing protection. Last, we size up the ease of use by evaluating basics such as adding fuel and noting features that improve the experience, such as an engine that automatically shuts off when oil is running low.

Regardless of performance, it’s CR’s policy to recommend only models that do not include a zero-degree nozzle, which we believe poses an unnecessary safety risk to users and bystanders.


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