High pressure cleaners are classified by drive engine

November 15, 2019
Latest company news about High pressure cleaners are classified by drive engine

High-pressure cleaners are classified by drive engine.

There are three main categories: hollow shaft motor-driven high-pressure cleaners, gasoline-powered high-pressure cleaners, and diesel-driven cleaners. These washing machines are equipped with high-pressure pumps. The difference is that their high-pressure pumps operate differently, respectively, using motors, gasoline engines, or diesel engines. The advantage of the gasoline engine drive and the diesel drive cleaner is that the two drive high-pressure washers do not require a power source and are suitable for field operations.

With the continuous development of the industry, the environmental requirements are getting higher and higher, the use of high-pressure cleaners continues to expand, especially in the field of industrial cleaning, has become the preferred equipment for industrial cleaning and is widely promoted and used. Pipeline cleaners are very common in modern cities and are used primarily for various pipe cleaning. The high-pressure pump turns the water into a high-pressure water stream to flushing the dirt. The main features are non-polluting, high efficiency, no damage to equipment, low cost, convenient operation, safety, etc., so it is widely used in municipal sanitation—sewer pipe cleaning, etc.


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