Five precautions let you avoid motor burnout

September 23, 2019
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Five precautions let you avoid motor burnout.

1. Keep the motor clean motor in the process of running. There should be no dust, water stains, and sundries within 3 meters of the air inlet. Otherwise, if it is sucked into the motor, a short circuit medium will be formed, or the wire insulation layer will be damaged, causing a short circuit between turns and burning the motor. Therefore, to ensure the safe operation of the motor, it is necessary to keep the motor and its surrounding environment clean so that the motor can maintain a safe and stable working state during long-term operation.
2. Ensure that the motor is always working at rated current
The main reason for the overload operation of the motor is that the drag load is too large, the voltage is low, or the mechanical jam caused by the drive is caused. If the overload time is too long, the motor will absorb a large amount of active power from the grid. As a result, the current will increase rapidly, and the temperature will rise accordingly, easily burning the motor. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the motor is always operated at the rated current and pay attention to check the transmission operation, the concentricity of the coupling, and the gear transmission.
3. Pay attention to check the temperature of the motor. The staff should always check the temperature of the bearing, stator, casing, and other parts of the motor. Especially for motors without voltage, current,, and frequency monitoring and without overload protection, it is necessary to monitor the temperature rise. If the temperature rise is found, Too high, you should stop the inspection immediately. In addition, the rolling elements of the bearing, the raceway surface, the bearing clearance, etc., all need to be regularly inspected. If any abnormality occurs, you must renew the bearing before the operation.
4. Observe the motor for vibration, noise, and abnormal odor. If the motor vibrates, the load connected to it will be different, and the motor load will be increased. The overload will burn the motor. Noise and odor are precursors to motor failure and must be observed at all times. Therefore, the motor in operation, especially the high-power maintenance network motor, should be checked frequently to see if the motor end cover, anchor bolts, bearing gland, etc., are loose. Once the problem is found, you must resolve it in time.
5. Ensure that the startup device works normally. Generally speaking, whether the startup device is good or not determines whether the motor can start normally. According to experience, most of the burned motors are caused by improper operation of the starting equipment, such as the lack of phase start, arcing of the contactor contacts, and ignition. So how do you maintain the boot device? Mainly clean, fast, such as the contactor contacts are not clean will increase the contact resistance, causing the maintenance network to burn the contacts and then burn the motor. Therefore, always pay attention to the cleaning and fastening work of the starting equipment. In addition, the electrical control cabinet should be located in a dry, ventilated, and easy to operate position and regularly dust.


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