Easy Tips for Cutting Through an Exhaust Pipe

August 1, 2019

When removing and installing an exhaust system on your vehicle, it may be necessary to cut through your exhaust pipe. You can do this safely and easily if you use the right materials.

1. Choose Your Saw Wisely

Choosing the right saw is the most important aspect of cutting through your exhaust pipe. A power saw cuts quickly but can cause injury from the hot metal chips that fly through the air. A chain pipe cutter cuts through the wall of the exhaust tubing without throwing hot metal shavings around. A Sawzall or hand-held grinder with a cut-off wheel are easy options where clearance and accessibility are problematic. If you want to remove the exhaust from your vehicle and are budget-minded, then a hacksaw is the cheapest choice.

2. Use Pipe Wrap and a Permanent Marker


Use pipe wrap around the pipe, making sure that the sides of the wrap are even and square on the exhaust pipe. Use a permanent marker to create a reference line for the cut you need to make.


3. Think Safety and Take Your Time

Use safety glasses and gloves. Take your time to ensure a clean, easy cut.



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