Design principle of ultra-high pressure washer

December 31, 2019

Design principle of ultra-high pressure washer

In practical applications, the safety of an ultra-high pressure washer is essential, especially the high-power ultra-high pressure washer, especially the pump cylinder. Because the ultra-high pressure washer is an ultra-high pressure vessel, the stress distribution is relatively uniform after the work is under pressure. As a result, all stresses remain within the elastic range, the elastic load capacity is increased, and the fatigue life of the cylinder is increased. The design of the ultra-high pressure washer The principle is to select materials and processes to give the best self-reinforcing pressure and the best self-reinforcing degree.

Application case of high-pressure washers in the sugar industry: National sugar is very sticky, so removing scale in the sugar industry has always been difficult to solve. Previously, hot boiling soda was used, plus Manual cleaning with a steel brush is a time-consuming and labor-intensive method. Manual labor is strong, and alkali has a great effect on corroding pipelines and pollutes the environment. In response to these problems, a high-pressure cleaner is now introduced as a high-pressure pipeline dredge machine. The cleaning time is high, and the cleaning is clean. In the past, it took 6 workers to clean a tank with a steel brush for 6 hours. After cleaning, the effect was not satisfactory. After cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner, two or three people can operate it, and the cleaning efficiency is significantly improved, completely solving this difficulty.

Classify from the water temperature of the high-pressure washer, divided into two categories: cold water washer and hot water washer. The difference between the two is the temperature of the water. A heating device is added to the hot water washing machine, and a combustion cylinder generally heats the water. Hot water cleaning can quickly wash away dirt and oil stains that are not easy to wash during the cold water cleaning process, which greatly improves the cleaning efficiency.

Precautions for using the high-pressure environmental cleansing machine: When I choose a high-pressure water outlet pipe, I must determine it according to the technical parameters of the high-pressure washer. According to its parameter requirements, choose a high-pressure water outlet pipe with a matching pressure. Use an operation method that exceeds the actual pressure of the high-pressure outlet pipe. Otherwise , it will affect the normal life of the high-pressure outlet pipe. In addition, a high-pressure outlet pipe that can withstand higher pressure can be appropriately selected so that that life will be longer.

的 The development trend of high-pressure cleaners: 1. Diversification equipment is becoming more and more subdivided into planar high-pressure cleaners, high-pressure pipeline dredgers, and wall-climbing cleaners. 2. The pressure and power range are also increasing. There are already 500 kilograms of pressure on the market, and they are still increasing to meet the requirements of different industries. 3. More and more intelligent, integrated, and easier to use.


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