Deep well pump application-2

March 24, 2019

Deep well pump application-2. 


In recent years, the variable frequency speed control technology has had many applications in the air conditioning system with its remarkable energy-saving effect and reliable control mode. Its technology is relatively mature, but applying the deep well pump water supply in the groundwater source heat pump air conditioning system is still rare, but it is quite necessary. A pilot survey of groundwater source heat pump application in the Shenyang area found that in the groundwater source heat pump air conditioning system, when the heat pump capacity is not large, the water supply of one deep well pump can meet the water quantity required by two or more heat pump units. However, in actual operation, it was found that the heat pump unit was partially loaded for most of the time, while the deep well pump was always operating at full load, resulting in a large increase in electricity and water charges. Therefore, applying the deep well pump variable frequency speed regulation water supply technology in the groundwater source heat pump system has great energy-saving potential.



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