Deep well pump application-1

March 24, 2019

Deep well pump application-1.


The deep well pump is a water pump that works directly into the water between the motor and the pump. It is suitable for extracting groundwater from deep wells. You can also use it for water extraction projects such as rivers, reservoirs, and canals. It is mainly used for irrigation of farmland and human and animal water in plateau mountains. In addition, you can use it for water supply and drainage in cities, factories, railways, mines, and construction sites. Because the deep well pump is directly driven into the water by the motor and the pump body, whether it is safe and reliable will directly affect the use of the deep well pump and the working efficiency. Therefore, the deep well pump with high safety and reliability is also the first choice.

In a groundwater source heat pump air conditioning system, the water supply to a deep well pump often meets the water required by two or more heat pump units. However, in actual operation, We found that the heat pump unit mostly operated at part load. The deep well pump was always operating at full load, resulting in a large increase in electricity and water charges.



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