Daily maintenance and regular maintenance of high-pressure cleaner:

September 28, 2019

Daily maintenance and regular maintenance of high-pressure cleaner:


daily maintenance:

1. Check the lubricating oil in the crankcase of the high-pressure pump every day. It is recommended to replace the lubricating oil within three months.

2. Clean the water inlet filter once every two weeks.

3. Clean the fuel nozzle, ignition electrode

4, and replace the fuel filter once a month.

5. Remove and wash the high-pressure pump once in March.

Regular maintenance:

1. Regularly clean the sediment impurities in the pressure tank of the high-pressure cleaner, and add enough oil in time to ensure the healthy operation of the engine can prolong the operating life of the engine.

2. When the operation of the high-pressure cleaner is completed, it should be covered with a protective cover in time to avoid corrosion of the high-pressure cleaner, blockage of a certain component caused by premature wear and dusting, and application of lubricant to the valve and seal to prevent the next time you use it.



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