Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of using aluminum shells for motors

August 14, 2019
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The metal casing of the motor mainly consists of cast iron, steel plate, and aluminum. With the pursuit of the aesthetic appearance of the motor, the aluminum shell motor is continuously recognized by the market. Still, we are very aware of the aluminum shell motor and the cast iron shell as a motor person. Therefore, you should evaluate the difference between the body motor from motor performance, cost, working condition requirements, and market acceptance.

The motor with a height of 80 to 200 in the center has both a cast-iron shell and an aluminum shell; the motor with a center height of 315 or more has almost no aluminum shell, mainly because the mechanical strength is relatively poor. However, the two materials do not have much effect on other properties of the motor. Therefore, Ms. Participate in the basic classification of the difference between the two and share with you.


The difference between cast iron and aluminum shell

(1) The density of aluminum is relatively small, reducing the weight of the whole machine. Although the product's strength is premised on the premise for small-size motors, the aluminum shell is preferred, the overall price is basically the same, but the aluminum shell motor has a good effect.

(2) The cast iron casing is durable and can withstand tapping, and the mechanical strength is high; compared with the aluminum shell, it is easy to form a flaw on the surface.

(3) The iron shell motor is prone to rust, scorching flashes; however, the aluminum shell motor has poor corrosion resistance.

(4) The heat dissipation coefficient of aluminum is much better than that of cast iron, and the heat dissipation of iron is worse than that of aluminum.

Advantages of aluminum

The mechanical function of pure aluminum itself is not high. Still, its light-weight, good casting fluidity, which is unmatched by other metals, and the aluminum element are more active, can be combined with other metals to become aluminum alloy. It needs Obsessively. Some sophisticated equipment is taking advantage of this, such as aircraft and other equipment. In fact, most of the aluminum we see is aluminum alloy.

The characteristics of cast iron are that the manufacturing process is very mature, the entry threshold is low, and the cost is low. Still, its own defects are only iron-carbon alloys and compared with aluminum. Cast iron is not easy to combine with other metals, which is determined by its own characteristics. of

Aluminum is a reactive metal. In the dry air, the surface of aluminum immediately forms a dense oxide film with a thickness of about 50 angstroms (1 angstrom = 0.1 nm) so that aluminum does not oxidize further and is resistant to water; however, aluminum powder is easily mixed with air. Hence, combustion; molten aluminum can be a violent metal corresponding to water; aluminum is amphoteric, very soluble in strong alkali, and soluble in dilute acid. This is a problem that must be considered when choosing aluminum housing.


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