Causes of overheating of the high-pressure cleaner motor

October 23, 2019

Causes of overheating of the high-pressure cleaner motor

The efficiency of the high-pressure cleaner is very high at work, and many people will use such a device. But, unfortunately, many people will find that they will overheat the motor when they use it. So what are the reasons for the overheating of the high-pressure cleaner motor? Let's take a look at it for everyone.
1. If the bearing of the high-pressure cleaner appears to be deficient in oil, or if the gap between them is too small, it will cause the bearing to generate strong friction during operation, which will cause the motor to overheat. Therefore, it can be said that this is a significant reason.

2. After the cleaning machine has been used for a long time. The bearing will be severely eccentric or damaged. In this case, the rotor shaft of the equipment will bend and cause errors in installing the magnetic piece, which will also cause the motor. So overheated, this is also a cause that needs to be taken seriously.

3. If the washing machine does not get a timely rest during long-term work, resulting in its high-load operation and operation, it will also impose a great burden on the equipment's motor, causing its motor to overheat. So this is also a significant reason is that people need to pay attention to.

4. If the stator coil of the equipment has a short circuit or an open circuit, or if the connection is wrong, it will cause a short-circuit current inside the device, which may cause such a phenomenon.

The common problems in high-pressure cleaners are basically the cause of the overheating of the motor. These are all important reasons. However, for each user, it is necessary to understand and correct the treatment.



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