Application of high-pressure cleaner in the sanitation vehicle industry

August 10, 2020

Application of high-pressure cleaner in the sanitation vehicle industry

As we all know, in the municipal environmental sanitation of various cities across the country, the oil stains on the ground, the exhaust residues on public walls, the paint of public facilities, rust and other stains, traditional sanitation vehicles can do nothing, hot water pressure washers can deal with this "Intractable diseases" have unique advantages.
Where is the magic? This hot water high-pressure cleaning equipment is attached to a small boiler, which can heat the water to 90 degrees Celsius and easily remove oil, grease, or any sticky substances. Because pressure and hot water work simultaneously, this greatly improves the cleaning efficiency and effect of the Claisen high-pressure water gun to remove fish scales. The hot water washing machine can show its advantages and power to complete this "hard" task.
In various industrial fields and all walks of life, hot water and high-pressure cleaning are the most efficient and effective if the equipment generates a lot of oil or grease to clean up these substances. This kind of high-pressure cleaning equipment is widely used in commercial and industrial sectors: using Claisen high-pressure water guns to conduct fire drills saves many personnel and labor, improve cleaning efficiency, and reduces cleaning costs.



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