10 common sense of safe use of electricity

August 30, 2019

10 common sense of safe use of electricity

Modern households are showing more and more electrical products. Although electrical appliances bring convenience to our lives, we must pay attention to electricity safety while using electrical appliances. We must understand 10 common senses about the safe use of electricity.


1. Unplug the electrical power plug when it rains and thunder.

When the thunderstorm comes, please turn off the TV, unplug the power plug and cable plug, and it is best not to pick up the phone during thunderstorms.


2, understand the current may cause human injury

All metal products are electrically conductive. Therefore, do not use these tools to touch the power supply directly.


3, the general water is also conductive

Do not touch the appliance with wet hands or wipe the appliance with a damp cloth. For example, when the power of the TV or computer display is connected, you cannot wipe it with a damp cloth, which may cause a short circuit, electric shock, or damage to the appliance. Likewise, do not pull the plug with wet, which is also easy to get an electric shock.


4, if there is wire off, please do not approach

When the high-voltage power line is disconnected, a step voltage will be generated to cause an electric shock if someone approaches the drop point.


5, clear the total switch position in the distribution box

In case of emergency, if there is an electric shock or electrical equipment failure, you should disconnect the main power switch immediately.


6. If someone is found to have an electric shock, disconnect the power immediately.

If someone is found to have an electric shock, don't save the person directly by hand. Otherwise, it is easy for the rescuer to get an electric shock at the same time. The correct way is to immediately disconnect the power supply (if someone is in the room, you need to pull down the total power supply in the room) or use wood. Insulating objects such as rubber and plastic that are electrically non-conductive allow the electric shock to be disconnected from the power source.


7, will see the safe electricity sign

Red: Forbidden, stop, please do not touch if it is marked with red. Yellow: Used to indicate danger. "Be careful with electric shock," "pay attention to safety," and so on.


8. Unplug the power plug after using the appliance.

Do not pull on the power cord when pulling the plug. This will result in damage to the cable insulation and may result in electric shock.


9, do not disassemble or repair the power circuit

If the circuit fails, you should find a professional electrician to repair and install the circuit and avoid handling it yourself to avoid potential safety hazards.


10. It is forbidden to stack debris near the distribution box.

Please do not pile up debris near the distribution box to avoid accidents such as a fire.


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